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A tasty stack of Balance, Kind and Luna Bars

We custom-wrap most types of Nutrition Bars. Featured here are some of our more popular brands - Balance Bars, Kind Bars and Luna Bars:

BALB - Balance Bars

40-30-30 is the perfectly balanced nutrition formula that these energy bars offer,
to provide lasting stamina. (Net weight: 1.75 ounces.)Balance Bars in popular  Flavors

Chocolate Craze, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookie Dough, Almond Brownie,
Mocha Chip, Honey Peanut,
and Yogurt Honey Peanut -
are just some of the exciting flavors available.

These Original Balance Bars contain
at least 20 essential vitamins and antioxidants.

from wrapper to finished Personalized Balance BarSnack healthy!


Get your message on this nutritious and popular bar. Let us wrap your brand's name over the factory-sealed and foiled Balance Bar.

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Kind Bar logoKINB - Kind BarsA few examples of Kind Bar flavors we carry

KIND Fruit & Nut bars are all natural and delicious:
premium whole nuts and fruit, packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

KIND bars are perfect for a healthy diet. They are handmade and gluten free, fiber filled and protein rich.
custom-wrapped Kind Bars

KIND bars come in a multitude of flavors, please inquire about current availability. We always stock popular flavors like Almond and Coconut, Cranberry Almond, Cherry Cashew and more... (Net weight: 1.4 oz.)

We overwrap each bar with a foil in the color of your choice, leaving the original factory sealed wrapper intact, and complete the product with your custom wrapper.

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Luna Bars - flavors and wrapped examplesLUNB - Luna Bars

Essential nutrients, fiber, calcium, iron and proteins - and rich in flavor.

Satisfy your cravings for something sweet - and completely wholesome:
70% Organic
Folic Acid
Vitamin D

With flavors as irresistible as:
Peanut Honey Pretzel, Blueberry Bliss, White Chocolate Macademia,
Lemon Zest and more...
(Please check availability).

(Net weight is just under 1.7 oz per bar.)

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