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Lollipops, rock candy, chocolate rocks

We have tons of Hard Candy, including Lollipops in hundreds of great shapes & flavors, as well as Candy-Covered Chocolate Rocks:

•  Whirly Pops

scale of Whirlypops

Original Whirly Pops come in 6
sizes, all the way from 1.5 ounces to a dazzling 48 ounces!

classic Whirlypop






Customized Whirlies shown with
2" and 2 1/2" label and flags.

classic WhirlypopPictured above are Rainbow Whirly Pops. Whirlies also come in a two-color theme:
Pink-White, Purple-White, Yellow-White and Black-White.classic Whirlypop

Three-color combos like purple & pink hues, retro carnival pops, or seasonal items feature amazing tastes and colors. Please inquire about availability.


•  American Gourmet Lollipopslollipop variety

Made with Barley, these Lollipops are done by hand, the old-fashioned way.
Delicious, and in virtually unlimited shapes. Natural ingredients and rich flavors.

lollipop variety


•  Lollipop Classics

More favorites we stock are: Paintballs, Jawbreakers, Caramels, Retro Cube Pops, Flat Suckers, Sour & Spicy Pops, Organic Lollipops, and more...


•  Dice Pops

dice suckers

Our flashy dice pops are extremely tasty - and lucky. Realistically shaped dice, each die is over an inch cubed in size.

Get them individually wrapped and customized, or in a colorful view box.
The flavors are: Blueberry, Grape, Orange, Pina-Colada, Triple Cherry, Lime, Lemon and Bubblegum.

(Boxes have a 6-flavors assortment.)


•  Rock Candy (a.k.a. Crystal Rock Candy Pops or Swizzle Sticks)...crystal rock candy

...are colorful giant sugar crystals. Similar to crystals or diamonds in nature, rock candy is grown through recrystallization - further refining and eliminating impurities. The end result is the purest form of sugar - with a satisfying crunch. Each color has a different flavor.
rock candy martiniThe uses for rock candy are numerous: hotel guest candy packthey make great lollipops, they can flavor your drink, they serve as edible stir sticks and they go as well with hot tea as with a cool martini.


Crystal Rock Candy is making a comeback and it's becoming all the rage for classy party favors. Call us for details and customization ideas!customized swizzle sticks

Imprint Area
for individually wrapped Rock Candy Stick size is 4" x 1"


•  Candy Rocks, also known as Chocolate Rockschoco rocks

... are made of creamy milk chocolate with a hard candy shell. Chocolate rocks look, feel and even sound like pebbles.chocolate rock packaging & customization ideas

These rocks can be personalized in unique little packages in net weights ranging from 1/4 ounce to 8 ounces, bearing your logo in single or full color.
Chocolate rocks are available as a rocky mix, but we can also provide you with just "silver" chunks, "gold" nuggets, lumps of "coal" and other realistic rock gems. Please inquire about our rocky treasures! (For a list of rock colors, click here.)


•  Boulderschocolate boulders

... are sizeable candy shell covered chocolate handfuls. Each "boulder" is at least 1 to 2 inches large and on the average delivers an ounce and a half of the finest milk chocolate.

Chocolate boulders can be customized individually (in bags, tins or clear containers) or in bulk, filled into cans, buckets, pails etc. chocolate boulder packaging & customization ideas
















(For a list of chocolate boulder colors, click here.)

Click here to download our catalog.