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Fiber shown is the base for Fiber One's taste and health

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- Fiber One Bars

Original General Mills Fiber One whole grain bars.

Fiber One bars New and even better, at 140 calories each tasty chewy bar provides 35% of recommended daily fiber intake!

We regularly stock the three most popular flavors of these 1.4 ounce bars:
  • Oats and Chocolate
  • Oats and Peanutbutter and
  • Oats and Caramel

We can also source other flavors, however extra lead time will be required. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will rush it in - factory-fresh from General Mills.


We over-wrap the original Fiber One bar with a foil (in the color of your choice) - and then apply your custom wrapper over it.

For more information about Wrappers and Foils click here.


Click here for a wrapper design template


FOBB - Fiber One Brownie Bars

These delicious bars only contain 90 calories at a weight of just under one ounce, which makes them high fiber, low calorie and big taste!

Fiber One's tasty Brownie Bars


In Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Peanutbutter Brownie, Lemon Bar, Chocolate Chip and many more flavors...

(Please note that some flavors may take a little more time to procure.)

Since Brownie Bars are soft and delicate, and protected inside a pillowy factory pack, they cannot be foiled. On Brownie bars we apply your wrapper directly over the pack.