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jawbreakers in football helmets

Football Helmet Jawbreakers
3" large helmets
with 3 ounces of
2" diameter jawbreaker candy

baseball bubblegum

Diameter: 2 3/4", holds 6 wrapped Dubble Bubble Gum.
Option of Kids Pack with Stickers & Gum,
or your choice)

baseball team jars

MLB Logo Jars
filled with candy of choice, (shown with chocolate balls).
All Teams' Logos available

candy filled clapping monkeys

Applauding Monkeys
Action toys filled with candy of choice, (shown with candy bananas).

lolliop filled telescoping boxing fists

Fists of Candy
Boxing action; Lollipop inside. Press the button and shoot out for the punch.

lolliop filled telescoping gators

Telescoping Gators
Lollipop stuffed Gators
Push-button operated snapping action;
0.6 oz of candy, three assorted flavors.

Toys with Treats!

These affordable toys are playful - while handing out treats!candy bearing forklifts

Candy filled toys, for kids of all ages and the inner child as well...

We have industrial looking bulldozers loaded with chocolate rocks, personalizable with your company logo; we feature m&m stuffed racecars, jellybean-filled first responders vehicles, hollow baseballs holding enough dubble bubble gum to last through any game...

Each of the items listed here, is uniquely customizable but can also be set up in gift boxes, bags, kits, baskets and more. Give us a call!

small bulldozers filled with candy

Dozer, Blade & Steamroller(many moving parts, 3 1/2" long)

Holds 0.4 oz of candy; Shown with chocolate rocks, jelly beans, gum

small bulldozers filled with jelly beans
large bulldozers filled with chocolate

Over 6" large candy-filled
with lights)
Half ounce fill capacity; Shown with chocolate rocks & boulders

large bulldozers filled with chocolate
large candy-filled hummer

action-toy Hummers,
5" large

Holds 0.8 oz of chocolate pebbles, jellybeans or your choice.

large hummer filled with jellyveans
M&M-filled racecars

4" Race Cars
(with action wheels)
0.4 oz of M&M's, RedHots, jellybeans or other ideas.

candy-filled racecars
large jellybean-filled racecar

5" Race Cars
(with super-fast action)
Holds 0.7 oz of jellybeans, chocolate rocks or other candy.

large racecar filled with chocolate nuggets
candy-filled emergency vehicle toy cars

"First Responders"
Police, Fire & Ambulance
3 1/2" long, Candy capacity:
0.4 oz

jellybean-filled emergency vehicle toy cars
candy-filled VW bugs

VW Retro:
3" Bugs hold
0.4 oz of candy -
sunflower seeds, gum, jellybeans...) 3" Vans can take 0.5 oz

candy-filled VW bus
candy-filled train

8" long Train, shown with
2 full ounces of "edible coal".

M&M filled Schoolbus
(length: 3", holds 0.4 oz of candy)

M&M-filled School bus
candy-filled mini slot machines

CandyBandit with working action arm.
(3" tall, 0.7 oz of candy payout.)

Utility trucks hold 0.4 oz of candy

Candy-filled utility trucks
candy-filled forklift

Forklifts with action wheels, real pallets
(3 1/2", 0.4 oz of fill)

Forklift Safety kits: loaded with extra candy and safety message.

kit of candy-filled forklift with safety message on card
candy-filled waterpistols

Water pistols 3/4 oz of candy in water reservoir.

Pushbutton dispenses
0.7 oz of candy

candy-dispensing Garfield toy

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