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Choose from our arsenal of tradeshow handout options

affordable tradeshow give-aways

tradeshow shwagTrade Shows

are a great way to meet people, to forge new contacts and to grow your business. It's all about who you meet and how everyone will remember you. Let us help make your tradeshow experience truly worth your time.

Give people something that connects them to you - without breaking the bank. We honor self-promo campaigns by heavily discounting for your benefit.

Pictured below are just a few of our tradeshow handouts. We have options from just pennies to a couple dollars, depending on your advertising or promotional needs.

We can customize 1-ounce Bags, Header Bags, Kisses, Hershey Minis, Dove Miniatures, Rainbow Mentos, Mini Mints, Poker Chips, Mint Tins, Snacksize Chocolates, Chewing Gum, Tin Cans, Lifesavers, Breathsavers, Customized Coins in Plastic Tubs and so much more.

The possibilities are endless...

tradeshow shwag options


Give-Away Ideas
Bigger Give-Aways
Half-Oz Skittle give-aways

1/2 oz of Skittles,
in original fun-size packs
or clear cello bags

1-ounce Skittle bag give-aways

in 1-oz clear cello bags

3/4-Oz M&M give-aways

3/4 oz M&M's,
in original fun-size packs or clear cello bags

1-ounce M&M bag give-aways

in 1-oz clear cello bags

Half-oz M&M Peanut give-aways

1/2 oz of M&M Peanuts in original fun-size packs or clear cello bags

1-ounce M&M Peanut give-aways

M&M Peanuts,
in 1-oz clear cello bags

Half-oz to 1 oz bags of Red Hots

Red Hots,
in 1-oz cello bags

1-ounce bags of Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales,
in 1-oz cello bags


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