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Lots of tasty Lifesaver Loops

fruity Lifesaver Loops

LSHC - Lifesavers

  Life Savers are "a hole lot of fun". These ring-shaped fruit flavored hard candies and mints have become an iconic American brand since 1912.fruit flavor Lifesaver rolls


Each full-size roll has a net weight of 1.14 ounces and contains 14 disc shaped hard candies.

Choose from the following flavors:

•  Five Tropical Fruit Flavors  

•  Wild Cherry and

•  Butter Rum

We also carry the 0.72 ounce rolls in refreshing minty flavors of:

•  Pep-O-Mint

•  Wint-O-Green and

•  Spear-O-Mint


custom-wrapped Lifesaver rolls

Our Lifesavers rolls come factory-wrapped in silver foil, over which we then apply your custom wrapper.

All our wrappers are printed on glossy, magazine quality paper. Before printing we send you a virtual proof, free of charge, for your approval.






custom-wrapped Lifesaver rolls
Lifesaver Compact Rolls:

In addition to regular full-size Lifesavers we also offer a medium-size roll containing 11 candies.

Available in 5 Flavors,
Pep-O-Mint, Spear-O-Mint and Wint-O-Green.


Design Central

  For your convenience we have several wrapper design templates available. Our most popular wrapper style utilizes the classic Lifesaver rainbow stripes look.

design ideas for Lifesaver wrappers





We will be happy to assist with all your design needs.
Click here for a wrapper design template


Looking for a great-value low cost give-away?Lifesaver singles

 Consider Lifesaver Singles!

We can personalize Mint Singles or Five-Flavor Hard Candy Singles with a four-color label.

This brand-name candy comes individually sealed by Lifesaver.
All you need to do is e-mail us your logo or message to let us brand this favorite candy.

Everybody can use a Lifesaver every now and then!customized Lifesaver singles



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